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Get Insights into our unique IT Solutions

Get Insights into our
Unique IT Solutions

Take a look at our IT projects which give a glimpse into our problem-solving thought process.

AI-based Warehouse Management

Case Study 01


AI-based Warehouse Mgmt. 

Enhancing Operations through Anomaly Detection

IntelliDetect: The AI-driven warehouse management solution automates item scanning, detects anomalies, and alerts staff. Through strategically placed cameras, the system tracks incoming objects, compares them to predefined parameters, and improves image detection accuracy with continuous training, ensuring efficient anomaly identification.
Key Technologies: Python(machine learning,deep learning(pytorch, keras)), AWS, GCP, PowerBI, Docker
Key features: 
1. Camera-Based Object Tracking
2. Video Recording and Image Extraction
3. AI Image Detection and Anomaly Identification
4. Anomaly Reporting and Alert System
5. Scalable and Flexible Architecture

AI-based Warehouse Mgmt. flow chart.png
AI-based warehouse management
forex currency wallet software solutions

Case Study 02


Forex Currency Wallet

International money transfer platform.

XendPay: It is an all-in-one platform for foreign currency exchange, online wallets, forex, transfers, and deal bookings. With integrated security measures such as 2-way SSL, two-way webhooks, and private/public key encryptions, we've partnered with over 8 banks in the United Kingdom to offer a seamless and secure banking experience.
Key Technologies: Core Java
Key features: 
1. Real-time Currency Exchange Rate Fetch.
2. Integration of CIFAS Security Check.
3. Payment Fail and Fraud Detection Measures.
4. Compliance Check. 
5. Refunds & Duplicate Payments.
6. Fetch and Pull method to get an update.

bank logos.png
Forex Currency Wallet
development of integrated tool software solution

Case Study 03


Development of Integrated Tool 

Transforming the Surplus Lines Insurance Landscape

InsurTech: Successful collaboration with a US vendor in the surplus lines insurance industry, creating a Broker and Agent Management System to streamline insurance processes. Also, a Comparative Rater App enabled users to compare quotes from 30+ providers and purchase preferred policies.
Key Technologies: .Net Web Forms, Web API, WCF services, and XML Web Services
Key features: 

1. Broker Management System (BMS) for centralized management of customer information, quote creation, and policy processes. 
2. Agent Management System (AMS) for agents to access customer information generate quotes, and manage policies. 
3. Scalability, flexibility, and user-friendliness of all developed tools. 
4. Enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Insurance industry.png
Development of Integrated Tool 
virtual coin & qr processing software solution

Case Study 04


Virtual Coin & QR Processing

End-to-End Fitness Club Solution with QR Payments

Fitness App: We created a comprehensive solution for a fitness club chain customer, which involved developing a mobile app that allowed users to pay for memberships and healthcare products using QR codes. Users could also load virtual coins into their wallets and convert them into real money in their bank accounts.
Key Technologies: .Net Core, React JS, and React Native
Key features: 
1. Mobile app for QR code-based payment processing.
2. Virtual coin based-wallets
3. Users can convert virtual coins to cash and vice versa.
4. The virtual coins can be shared with anyone.
5. E-commerce store for healthcare product purchases.
6. Health club subscription management.

Virtual coin process.png
escrow software solution

Case Study 05


Escrow Platform

Construction Project Payment Management Platform

Three Lock Box: An online platform for secure construction project management, offering features such as construction milestones, payment management, and escrow services. Participants submit payment applications for review and approval, and any disputes are settled on the platform.
Key Technologies: .Net Core, ASP.NET Razor Pages with PostgreSQL at Backend.
Key features: 
1. Construction Control.
2. Payment Management.
3. Invitation-based platform access for primary real estate developers, contractors, subcontractors, and freelancers. 
4. Payment review and approval by the original party.
5. Dispute settlement in accordance with agreed terms.

escrow platform process.png
back office CRM software solution

Case Study 06


Efficient Back office CRM

for a Leading Israeli Newspaper Service Provider

StreamlineCRM: This case study showcases the successful implementation of a back office CRM system for a prominent Israeli client serving major newspapers Israel Hayom and Makor Rishon. The system streamlines advertising order management, boosting operational efficiency and performance.
Key Technologies: AngularJS, MVC,.NET 
Key features: 
1. Efficient Management of Ad Orders across Print and Digital Platforms.
2. Real-Time Chat for Enhanced Collaboration.
3. Comprehensive Reporting for Timely Insights into Ad Performance and Metrics.
4. Seamless Payment Integration for Efficiency.
5. Streamlined Customer Onboarding Process for Widespread Adoption.

Efficient Back office CRM.png
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