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Case Study-
Unique IT Solutions

Take a look at our IT projects which give a glimpse into our problem-solving thought process.

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E-Commerce Marketplace SEO Module (UK)

Being an eCommerce portal which dynamic content, they needed to have a solid On-site SEO to be ranked higher in Google search results. The customer used outdated techniques to do the SEO for the website. We suggested customer build an SEO module that could plug directly into the administration panel for the website. We were tasked to create that SEO module. We did the end-to-end SEO module to manage both micro and macro-level items. The module is still used by the customer even after 7 good years in use.

The customer used to perform manual tasks to do the On-site SEO for their e-commerce portal. We recommended and built an in-app SEO module to automate things and improve the SEO of the website.

Intranet (Sweden)

Being one of the best firms to work for in Europe, they had all their HR, Employee handbooks set up on the intranet portal hosted on a Wikispaces platform. The Wikispaces platform became defunct and we had to quickly migrate the intranet portal to another platform. We recommended moving to WordPress because of its global community support and wide use. We had to move all the wiki pages to WordPress pages. The portal itself had around 200 pages. But our proficient team did the complete migration while adding new features (login, restricted areas, multi-lingual support, integration to Azure AD) within a couple of month's time. The client still appreciates the hard work put in by the team and the portal continues to evolve to this day.

The customer had to quickly shift their intranet portal from a now-defunct Wikispaces setup to WordPress with more than 200 pages. We migrated everything in a month and also added internationalization and AD integration.

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Livestream/VoD Implementation

We have been helping this funded Danish startup build unique B2B tools for collaborating on new collections. We have been architecting the overall platform for their business users and helping them work on new initiatives like Interactive Videos (IVS). They boast of some of the biggest names in the fashion retail industry in Europe as their customers including ONLY, DK Company.

We built an interactive video streaming platform for the customer to stream content and collaborate during the live stream sessions. We also built Video-on-demand(VoD) for the live stream sessions.

Corporate Site - (Sweden)

We were also tasked with building a subcontractor job portal for their subcontracts to use. They would upload new assignments, send out newsletters and job notifications, receive interest and have a thorough onboarding process to filter out candidates. It's used by more than 5000+ IT contractors and the list keeps on growing. We are adding new features every year to the portal to make it a comprehensive recruitment platform for IT consultants.

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Dynamic Leads    
Azure Scaling (Cloud) (UK)

DynamicLeads is a lead-generation tool used by businesses. The platform was buggy and leaking customers when we took over the development. Our first focus was to fix the problems with lead generation tools and underlying logic to gain customer trust and then add on features to the very complex portal. The portal since then has been acquiring customers at a greater pace. We also helped the company scale on the Azure cloud for increased customer demand.

Helped this young upstart from the UK to optimize, fix and build lead generation software and helped them scale per the customer demands. The application is hosted on Azure to rapid scale under peak loads.


The customer wanted to build a complete escrow platform for the real estate market in the state of Nevada. The market is completely unorganized and they wanted to have a platform that can be trusted by all stakeholders having the convenience of use. We built the complete project from scratch building modules for the admin, real estate developers, and contractors enabling them to monitor the progress on the project and track payments against the work done. The project received rave reviews from all stakeholders and was awarded at the Las Vegas Top Tech Awards 2020 for their platform.

FYI if need details -

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Smart Bulb + Mobile App

We helped customers with medical background build an IoT-based smart bulb and mobile app to aid patients having sleep disorders to sleep better. The bulb would align with the circadian rhythm and change color according to the time of day eventually helping improve sleep patterns for the users.


We built an IoT-based smart bulb and mobile app to help patients with sleep disorders. The smart bulb would align with the circadian rhythm and change color according to the time of the day thereby helping improve sleep.

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