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IT Support Services

IT Support for Enterprise Application

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IT Support Services

A small change or a major upgrade, get IT support when you need it.

We can help you with a small UI change, hosting, SSL implementation, or a technology upgrade. Our IT support services are oriented to address our clients' most pressing concerns, issues and opportunities. We are flexible and our services are cost-effective and customer-oriented. 

Support Servies
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IT Support & Maintenance

Website Maintenance icon

Website Maintenance

Get assistance in maintaining a live business website. You can easily add or modify the content.

Preferred by businesses that require constant tweaking and monitoring of a live application to handle customers and data.

Hosting and Infrastructure icon

Hosting and Infrastructure

We can help you host your website, and get email and office app infrastructure for your organization. We can also assist in scaling up your existing IT setup.

Technology Upgrade

Technology Upgrade

Upgrade the website technology to the latest version, improve the stability, and get security updates.


It is helpful for businesses that are running applications based on outdated technology.

Cloud Support

Cloud Support

Get support with your existing cloud setup on Microsoft Azure or help with .Net apps migration to Azure, including upgrades, Data security, Azure SSO implementation, DevOps, and anything you may need to run your business website.

Functionality Enhancement icon

Functionality Enhancement

Add utility and safety features, integrate custom APIs, payment gateway, and SSL security features.

Helpful for startups or enterprises that need to scale up their business website.

Support Consulting icon

Support Consulting

Once an application is developed, companies need to determine its readiness for release. Our testing services address important issues for specific bug cases and fix them accordingly for 100% flawless functioning.


We are sensitive to your business challenges and the budget constraints.

Controlled Cost & Hrs. icon

Controlled Cost & Hrs.

Pay when you use it 

You'll pay only for development hours spent working on the maintenance work. You push the start & stop button and control the cost.

Flexible Support icon

Flexible Support

It fits project of all sizes

Minor changes or major upgrades; we happily support the  project of any size and scale.

Personal Touch

Personal Touch

One to one contact

You can directly get in touch with the team lead over a message for any technical discussion.

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