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Aim of application support and maintenance services. How to reduce maintenance cost ?

Updated: May 6, 2022

Many people associate web application support and maintenance services with examining log files or taking a backup, but these are merely routine housekeeping tasks. Application support and maintenance services aim at assisting the startups and enterprises in developing and refining the code of the existing application, adding new features and functionalities, redesigning the application architecture for better performance, and to ensure the web application is up-to-date, secure, faster, and performs exactly as users would expect while minimizing the cost impact.

Transferring an application to a different server, migrating to a cloud environment, upgrading the application to a more recent version of the technology, or simply, content modification is the most popular tasks that need support and maintenance services.

Why is maintenance and support crucial for startups and enterprises?

Aim of web applicxation support and maintenance

How to Reduce cost of Support and maintenance services?


Maintenance and support for applications aim to ensure that the applications are reliable, highly accessible, and in line with the changing business requirements. According to one of the surveys, it averages 75 percent of the total costs of ownership of software over its life.

The importance of website maintenance is needed for both short-term benefits and long-term gains, during the initial development of a product as well as in keeping it up to date as the customer and business growth. Effective bug fixes, improvements, and updates are essential for maintaining the loyalty of your customers. Regular maintenance of websites or web applications keeps your customers satisfied and helps keep costs under control and manageable.

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