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Basics of Blockchain - The Block, the Chain, and the Confusion

Updated: May 27, 2022

The blockchain is a digital ledger that records or stores data of any kind. This ranges from records of cryptocurrency transactions, Smart Contracts, and the internet’s new favorite meme, NFTs.
Blockchain - A Business Trend

Blockchain is a watchword being thrown out in the wind more than the breeze itself. Chances are, you too have caught a whiff of that tantalizing scent and now wish to know more about what the hype is all about. While we are on the subject, chances are also that the cookie-cutter definition on the subject was not able to sate your curiosity or cure that cluelessness for that matter.

What is this Block-chain?

How does it work?

Where will I see it being used?

Why is it so Popular?

How Can You Integrate it into your businesses?

The Future

Blockchain - The building blocks to Smart Cities

So, is that all?

No, my curious little Padawan, this is but a kickstart into the world of Blockchain, it is a ginormous world-encompassing idea and an amalgamation of technologies that even I can’t quite wrap my head around. The primary goal of the article was to make sure that you no longer feel left out when your friends talk about the latest trend on the Blockchain or that one person on your social media tries to promote a new form of Cryptocurrency. There’s a whole lot of reading, learning, and researching to do from here and I can only hope that this could help you kickstart that journey.


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