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Cloud Computing – An Emerging Technology of 2022

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Cloud computing is the latest innovation/solution in the field of IT which enables companies to lease the computing power for any business or task that requires high-end processing power which another side is very expensive or difficult to arrange for any short-term need or any business is in an evolutionary stage.

The article will give an insight into cloud computing and its role in modernizing IT infrastructure for enterprises at a very low cost. The understanding will help in making an informed decision regarding the incorporation of cloud computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?

How Does The Cloud Work?

Types of Cloud Services

Evolution of Cloud Technology

Popular Service Models

Cloud Computing In Smart Cities

Benefits – The Silver Lining

Potential Roadblocks

Final Thoughts

Cloud Computing is an industry that will keep growing as time goes on and companies adjust more to this relatively new and novel concept.

With this tech being heralded as the new bastion for innovation and transformation, companies are now not just able to but actively re-evaluate their business plans and processes to bring about a robust change in the way the business is done.

It is an expansive change that we can see take place right before our eyes. Like many revolutions of the past, it brings about a drastic change in the way things will be done. Cloud Computing is one that will offer us returns for a far longer time than what we might anticipate.

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