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Technology solutions to help you scale

Technology solutions
to help you scale

Make more business ties, Enhance customer outreach, Generate more leads 

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APIs-tech solution

API is a technology solutions that acts as an intermediary to allow you to exchange data with your business partners to offer insurance products and services like submission profiling, quote aggregation, policy binding, claims, reconciliation, and sending proposals using ACORD/NAIC standards. The most well-known benefit is to make your APIs accessible to insurance brokers/agents, who could offer insurance to their clients  effectively growing your business sales.


REST APIs can be used for the following:

  • Quote Aggregation & Buiding Comparative Raters

  • Bind Policy

  • Policy Administration

  • Payments/Claims Processing

  • Endorsements/Renewals

  • Reconcile claims/loss data

API-Tech Solutions
reporting and data analytics

Reporting and Data Analytics

Implement advanced reporting features to generate management reports, trends, financial and portfolio analysis, KPI reporting, ad-hoc reporting for easy business analysis. Generate reports in the most versatile PDFs and Excel format, or view them on the website itself. Most popular reports include the following,

  • Sales Trend Reporting

  • States Cancellations

  • State Form Listing

  • Coverages Report

  • ISO Codes Report

  • Bound By Employee/Branch etc

  • Broker/Master Lisitng

  • Claims Reporting

Reporting and data analytics
abstract background

Business Process Automation

Danip's technology solutions can help in the automation of repetitive jobs to execute them faster, accurately, and on time in a flexible manner.

For example, processing of claims assessment and settlement can be done seamlessly, policy management and changes can be done automatically too. Business reports can be dispatched overnight or weekly, respond to customers' emails,  inspection, and survey reports, submissions, quotations, and send/receive proposals. Such tasks can all be automated to save costs and improve operational efficiency.

Business Process Automation
Business Automation
Third party service integration

Third-Party Service integration

Connect your business applications with accounting, premium finance & rating services to offer more features to your customers without investing money on expansive IT solutions.

Third-party Service Integration
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